It is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.We arrange our waiting list in birth order.
In addition our admissions policy takes into account the following:
  • the vicinity of the home to Selly Wick Pre-School Playgroup; and
  • siblings already attending the Selly Wick Pre-School Playgroup; and
  • choice of days requested by parents/guardians
We keep a place vacant, if this is financially viable, to accommodate an emergency admission.
Whilst we will make every effort to accomodate your choice of sessions, it is not always possible to meet everyones needs.
If you would like to apply for a place at Selly Wick pre-school playgroup, please complete the following form and return it to:

Selly Wick Pre-School PlayGroup
37-47 Raddlebarn Road
West Midlands
B29 6HH
or via e-mail to:

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